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{Sewing Tips and Tricks} Lesson 2 of 3

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to {Sewing Tips and Tricks} Lesson 2

If you're just joining us, here's a link to Lesson 1 where we covered a lot of beginning sewing tips like thread, bobbins, sewing needles, and cutting.

Below you'll find 3 videos paired with images and information.  These videos, and information, are geared towards offering you extra tidbits on cutting straight fabric pieces, sewing with Vinyl and pinning tricks with Liquid Stitch.

{ Cutting and Sewing Straight Lines }

The above picture points out how to use your clear ruler to make straight Pencil marks, for when you intend to sew at the machine. 

Note: The image above wasn't cut straight, by both beginning and end points, at a .25 line, line up.  If you were to use the edge of your sewing foot, to sewing, your finished line wouldn't be straight.

{ Sewing Tricks for Pinning & Sealing }

Two of my favorite Sewing Notions

When adding buttons (or Velcro, not pictured) to projects, try adding a dab of Liquid Stitch (it gives a gummy/sticky backside) allowing it to adhere better to the fabric.

Using Liquid Stitch to adhere vinyl to your projects.

Just a small dab on the edge of your fabric is enough.  Then apply your Vinyl piece.

Sewing with Vinyl or Laminated Fabric }

Using Wax paper to sew over Vinyl works best. 

Getting out your seam ripper, to remove specs of wax paper, will be the only time you enjoy using it. Ha, Ha...

Well, there you have it, Lesson 2.

Thanks for watching, good luck with sewing. And I #heart comments so let me know what you think. :)

Up Next...
Lesson 3:  Troubleshooting..what's wrong with my machine?!

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Here's a Link to Lesson 3


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  1. I haven't sewed in a while but i'm definitely going to be referring back to your blog in the near future for all of my craft projects. Thanks for the tips!I was able to stumble upon your blog through the Sundae Scoop Link Party and i'm glad I ended up here ;)

    Love and Whimsy Blog

    1. Thanks for your kind words, and thanks for stopping by! Enjoy sewing again, and come back anytime!

  2. Great tips! I need to look into that liquid stitch stuff.

    1. Thanks Kara for your continued support! :) Good Luck with Liquid stitch... :)

  3. Sew nice that you can sew:) I have to sew a button today and I am dreading it.

    1. Morning Debbie, thanks so much for stopping by! I believe in you. ;) xo

  4. can you do a video with you actually sewing the vinyl?


I #heart comments a lot, it keeps my inspired. Thanks for stopping by and commenting....