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Hosting a {Trunk Show} at Home

Having to invite people, talk about your products and offer yummies can be slightly frighten, but in the end, it's surely worth it!

Face your Fears and Host Away!

I offered in my home a few weeks back a home party for Mother's Day gifts and Teacher Appreciate Gifts.  I co-hosted with my friend over at Style U by Casey.  It was her first home party for her new venture, and my 5th.  

Things I've Learned:

  • Host in the Morning, after kiddos have been dropped off, around 9:00 is good
  • Offer Coffee, Water and small, bit size foods. It's likely they've already had breakfast
  • Keep your display simple, to one table. Remember, they just want to pop in, visit and see all that's for sale, and get on to their personal to-do lists for the day
I offered coffee, creamer and cinnamon bits.  I have coffee cups similar in color so I added twine, and scrap scrapbooking paper tags as 'mug charms'.

For the bit size food, I purchased 1 tube of Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls (with a coupon I might add), cut them up into small pieces, then baked in mini, white cupcake cups.  I followed the oven temperature but cut the cooking time down to 8-9 minutes total.  

I then drizzled the icing on top, while warm, and plated in a two-tier 
plate stand for easy grabbing, with minimal trash. :)

{For you, the Seller}
  • Cover your product space with a nice Table Cloth. White preferable, so your product colors stand out, and add color to your display. They shouldn't compete with color. 
  • Have laid out, the night before, all your products, tagged and priced.
  • Have all selling items, like receipt book, calculator and credit card machine ready (more on this below) in a nice space for easy transactions.
  • Make sure you have carrying bags for easy wrapping up.
  • Make your Return Policy  visible in a nice frame.

I use empty boxes underneath my table cloth to give visual height.

Here's the return policy in plain sight.  You're not able to visit with each of your guests so having it available alleviates having to explain, and therefore giving you more time on them and the products.

And the credit card machine.  This little white square, from Square Up, has boosted my sales considerably.  I'm able to accept all 4 major credit cards, and debit cards.  I rarely have cash on me (miss the days of waitressing, and having cash easy on hand), and no longer have checks and I know there's more like me out there.

Their is no charge to have it, only a swipe charge.  You can use it with any smart phone, and it's secure. I've had it now for 9 months or so.  Best FREE investment for my business!

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  1. Thanks for the tips, I have a friend in town and she's just starting a small business. I will mention this to her! and I pinned it :)

    1. Thanks Debbie, good luck to you friend! She's in good hands with you. ;0)

  2. I actually just went to a hosted party the day before yesterday. They were trying to sell different types of spice mixes, sauce, etc. I had a great time and would consider doing something similar. I also wanted to stop by and let you know that I'm having a giveaway on my blog this week. I would love for you to stop by if you have the time. Thanks so much!! :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by and sharing. I'll head over shortly. Have a great Weekend.

  3. great tips, friend! and love the cinnamon roll idea... easy to eat and serve, love it! xoxo

    1. Casey and I are having a trunk show in December wanna come. :) Have a great night friend! xo


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