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{Giveaway} - Wet Bags - Turquoise Zipper

Hi All, hope everyone had a great Memorial Weekend with lots of laughter.   To kick off Summertime, I'd like to giveaway the first 2 Wet Bags, featured below.

I've been asked several times about Wet Bags for suits and such...well, I'm a good listener.

I found online this great fabric shop on Etsy that sells laminated cotton fabric, almost like oilcloth but not as thick or stiff.  I purchased a small amount to test out making the Wet Bags and you all get to benefit from the prototypes.   

SPECS:  Measuring 9" wide by 8.5" high, and closes by way of zipper and lined with a waterproof jacket liner, they are 98% leak proof.  Damp, or somewhat wet pieces will do well traveling home from any water activities making this item a great summer time must have. 

**Both bags are identical, except for the zipper colors.
For the Pink Zipper Giveaway, go here

The 1st one is with a Turquoise zipper.

Enter to Win this Bag here:

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  1. Teresa Otto AlexanderMay 29, 2012 at 8:30 AM

    what a great idea!

  2. I sure could use a wet bag with my granddaughter this Summer!

  3. Very cute! I could use on for sure this Summer!

  4. Very cute bag! I sure could use one of these! Thanks for a chance to win! :)

    1. I can't wait to make two for my own kiddos. :) Good Luck

  5. Love the turquoise zipper! I need a new wetbag!

  6. Super cute! Good luck everyone!

  7. Love it, could really use it, is the giveaway open to Canadians?
    If so, please email me.
    Regards, Sarah
    journeysofthezoo at hotmail dot com

  8. Two giveaways?! How lovely.


  9. :)))) Welll you know I'm a fan! I'd LOVE to win this giveaway! IT'S SUMMERTIME! <3

  10. Love the fabrics you chose! So cute!Thanks for the giveaway!
    Blue Strong on FB!


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