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Table Runner Project

So every time this year, when operation "Take Down Christmas" occurs, my house looks 
so bare, I get into full home decor mode.

I've taken the last few weeks, during my hibernation from sewing customer orders, to fall back in love with Pinterest and thank goodness for so many talented people out there, I've been inspired to add a table runner to 
may main dinning room. 

I have a For the Home pinboard; organization of what I love for the home, at it's best. 

 Below are images of the pins that inspired me and where my project stands today.

I'll start by saying, if you're ever looking for a 
{Fabric Hoarding Buddy} you've found her!  Below is a picture of a shower curtain I've had in my stash of fabrics for at least 6 years.  I knew I'd use it for curtains or something one day and I tell you, it was a wise hoarding decision. :) I used it to make a long, 82", table runner (pictures below).

Now, my table runner project is 75% complete because I'm still torn as to which accent I should add.  This is where you come in, what should I do?  Hubby likes it plain but the images above are so purdy that I think it needs more.

What do you think? Leave it, add ruffles or rosette flowers!   


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  1. Hi Hilani, I am so glad I found your blog! It is inspiring me to lug out the sewing machine! The table runner really dressed up the table.

    1. Good Morning Maria, thanks for stopping by and I'm so overjoyed I inspired you. Have fun sewing! :)