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Peppermint Bark - {So Easy}

I decided to try something new this year for my 'offering' at holiday happy hours.  I searched Peppermint Bark into Google and of course, Paula Dean's recipe generated first in the results.  I can't believe I haven't made these before because it was very easy!

Below is her recipe with variations 

Total time from start to finish: 40 Minutes - 10 prep, 30 minutes freeze

1 cup of Crushed Peppermint Candies - I used Candy Canes (7)
Peppermint Extract - 1tsp
6 cups of semi-sweet chocolate chips (a staple I always have on hand)
1 small to medium Cookie Sheet
Parchment Paper, enough to cover your cookie sheet

Melt either in Microwave or Double Broiler style your Chocolate
Add Peppermint Extract - Stir until well mixed
I added 1/2 of the Crusted Candy Canes at this point - Stir again
Line Your cookie sheet with the paper
Pour out your chocolate mixture onto the paper
Try to spread evenly
Once spreading is done, sprinkle remaining candy on top
Place in Freezer for 30 minutes.

Chose a serving dish
Remove Bark from Freezer
Break into irregular pieces

Enjoy, and happy holiday-ing!

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