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Cream Cheese, Brown Sugar, Caramel, and Toffee Bars...Oh My....

A friend from years ago shared this recipe with me and since then I've used it frequently for gatherings and have shared it with others. It's gets rave reviews every time, as well as repeat invitations. 

Below is a recipe for what I've named 

The Apple Dip
Satisfies 10-12 Adults

Prep to Serve Time:
15 Minutes - the apple cutting takes the longest

1 Bar of Cream Cheese, soften (1/3 fat ok)
1/2 of Light Brown Sugar

4 large Green Apples, sliced 
1/4 or so of Creamy Caramel 
4 Skor or Toffee Candy Bars
1 Pie Dish or a Serving Plate

Step 1:
Combine in a small bowl your Brown Sugar and Softened Cream Cheese

Step 2:
Smear Cream Cheese mixture into/onto your serving dish

Step 3:
Open your Caramel Tub (I try to use Low-Fat when available, makes me feel better)
Grab a large Dollop with your Spatula and begin to spear a layer of it onto the cream cheese mixture

It should look like this when finished.

Step 4:
Break open all candy bars and place into your processor. If a processor isn't available, in the past I've placed all broken candy pieces into a ziplock bag.  I've then place the bag in between a dish town and used the flat side of a spoon to mash up the pieces finely.

After mixing it should, can, look like this; some finely chopped and some pieces still large.

Step 5:
Remove all large pieces and place to the side.  Sprinkle finely chopped candy over top of dish to evenly cover the mixture below.  Add remaining large pieces to the processor and mix again.

Step 6:
Wash and dry your apples and begin to cut them into wedges.  You can use an apple cutter but I've found that it's the same amount of time.  I like to cut them clean, meaning remove any core pieces from the apple.

Once you've finished cutting, place your apples into an air tight container and marinate them in 1/4 cup of lemon juice to preserve freshness and prevent browning. 7-up works as well.

When ready to serve, assemble apple wedges all the way around the brim of your dish.



I linked this Recipe at:

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April Giveaway - Scrap Fabric

Hi Everyone,

Spring Cleaning comes in all forms this time of year...the Garage, the closets, the kids rooms but when you're a fabric lover it might mean, cleaning out your Fabric Stash. 

So, you fabric lovers are in for a real treat...I cleaned out my fabric collection and wish to share the below pile
with a lucky winner.

Enter via the Rafflecopter Below


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Handmade by Hilani - The Hilani Purse Giveaway

Hey everyone... 

Last week I gave away the Elizabeth Wallet...this week I'm giving away my very favorite of them all, the Hilani Purse. There's a fun story behind it, you can read about it here

Below is the Rafflecopter to enter to win the below Brown Hilani Purse.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations Rachel!  

Until next time friends...mark your calendars for April. In the mean while, I'll be sewing away inventory for Mothers Day.  See you then.

Good Luck friends!  I've had so much fun over the last 3 weeks giving away Handmade by Hilani items.  Consider following along via email to stay in touch on what's to come.

Thanks for being part of the Handmade by Hilani family!


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February Giveaway - A Great, Going Out Wallet

I've been having so much fun giving away Handmade by Hilani pieces but I'm particularly excited about these last two prizes.

Last week I gave away a Valentine's Day themed Re-usable Drink Sleeve.

This weeks product, The Elizabeth Wallet, was inspired by a friend who designed the Liz Wallet (photo below) with me.  The Liz wallet is great for small items but many asked for a larger version, so the Elizabeth Wallet was born.  

Here's a picture of the Liz Wallet

And here's a picture of the Elizabeth Wallet, 
this weeks giveaway prize.

Measuring 8" by 4 3/4"  it's large enough to hold a Smartphone, ID/credit cards, lipstick and a key.  It's the perfect accessory for the going-out essentials.  It's design includes a vinyl front pocket with Velcro closure. 

Enter Below for the Elizabeth Wallet

And here's a look at next weeks Giveaway...my very favorite of them all!  The Hilani Purse and you can read more about it HERE.  It's a really fun story...

Good Luck friends!  Thanks for being part of the Handmade by Hilani family!


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