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{ My Story }

Hi, I'm Hilani, someone who's passionate about a lot of things.   I've been sewing for over 16 years and enjoy it more each time I get to sit and create something.  I've acquired the nickname, by friends & family as the "Go-To" girl.  I happily display that title alongside the heart I wear on my sleeve. I noticed when we moved from the West to Mid-West, I felt a strong need to make our new house a HOME.  I feel handmade brings a sense of warmth to a persons personal living space.  I enjoy being creative when free time of two boys allows and family time is very important to me.  

Welcome to my website, a place I found fitting for organizing my creative outbursts.

My Hobbies:  
Sewing, Baking, Crafting, and Reading

My Activities:  
Skiing, Jogging, Family Walks and Bike Rides

My Music
Anything 80's, Hip-Hop, Country and Christmas classics

My Funny Tidbits:  
I'll reorganize the dishwasher at least 5 times just to avoid cleaning the last, lonely dish.  I'll starting dancing out of nowhere if the right song comes on.  I wear an apron not because I love it (well, I do) but because I have yet to learn how to make less of a mess, in the kitchen. 

My Favorite Color: 
Green (!!)
My Favorite Food: 
 {Breakfast} Scrambled Eggs & GF Pancakes {Lunch} A Great Medium-Rare Hamburger
{Dinner} Well Seasoned Tri-Tip with my homemade steak fries 
{Snack} Chips {Sweets} Chocolate, Definitely!

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  1. Checked to see if you were on Etsy & it led me here. I bring my drink sleeve with me as I travel. We are in Michigan this week. Thinking of you! Love, Coach

    1. What a wonderful message! Thank you for taking a minute to stop by here and share this with me, you made my night! Safe Travels. PS: my shop is on storenvy.com :) Love, Hilani


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