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Below you will find a step-by-step Tutorial for making Fabric Coasters.  These make great house warming, hostess and pretty much anything gifts.  Get creative and use favorite sports themes or make one special to gift Mom or Dad for their desk. 
Happy Sewing! ~ Hilani

What you’ll need:
Fat Quarter Fabric (18”x18”) or 1/2 yard of fabric
Stiff Interfacing Medium to heavy weight (20” x 5”)
Matching Thread
#14 Sewing Needle

Project time Start to Finish:
           Beginner:  1.5+ hours
           Intermediate: 1 hour
           Advance:  45-50 minutes
Ideal for nap time. :0)

Above is a picture of all the materials you’ll need to complete this project. If you’re a beginner, you’ll probably want to break this into two 1 hour time slots to allow for enough time to complete a job-well-done finished product.

Step 1: Cut {8}  5” x 5” squares from your Fabric Material
Step 2: Cut {4} 5” x 5” squares from Medium to Heavy weight interfacing

Step 3: Pin 2 Fabric squares right side together, with 1 interface square underneath. Do this to all cut fabric making for 4 pined coasters.

Step 4: Draw your sewing line with a pencil on the pinned side of each square.  Use your clear ruler to mark 1/2 inch lines from edge to edge, all the way around like above (left photo). I find a pencil makes the best markings for me. You should have straight lines all the way around (bottom photo). These lines make the finished product straight.

Step 5: Set tension @ 6 or 7, Length Stitch @ 2 and begin to sew. Place needle on your line and follow your markings as best as possible.  **Remember you’ll need to leave a 3 inch gap from your start stitch to your end stitch. This gap will give you the space you’ll need
to turn the coaster ‘right-side’ out.

Step 6:  Bottom picture, cutting of excess fabric and diagonal corners. Keep extra fabric at opening long, do not cut.

Step 7: Iron wrong side of fabric on cotton setting so to ‘loosen’ the fabric for ease of manipulating the fabric while turning right side out.
Step 8:  Turn excess fabric from opening, inwards, and pin shut (bottom photo).

Step 9: Return to the machine. Change Length Stitch to 3, keep Tension @ 6-7.  Depending on what thread color you chose, find a spot on your material that best matches your thread color; start your stitch there.  This will make your starting point less noticeable.  Now give your coaster a finishing seam.  First seam line, 1/4 of an inch from edge of material. Second seam line, 1/2 an inch from edge.  If you follow your universal foot edge well, and your cut lines are good, you should be able to sew straight finishing lines.  Having your initial sew line straight, makes the world of difference too with a finished product.   Happy Sewing. :)

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