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Metal Cap Fabric Cover Tutorial

I heart anything that starts one way and can end up another.  Above is a picture of my glass jars that once held baby food and sweet, delicious peaches.  The larger jars come in a pack of 4 with peaches at Costco and the smaller ones are your standard baby food jars. 

What you'll need:
Sewing Machine
#11 needle
Scrap fabric
Jar Cap
Tacky Glue
Any color thread
Pencil for Tracing
Rubber Bands

I've recently finished the wall decor in my sewing studio and one big project was shorting out all my buttons color wise.  Below is a tutorial for Fabric Covered Caps.

Step 1:
Trace bottle cap on wrong side of fabric.

Step 2:
Eye ball and cut 1 inch, or more, around your bottle
 cap tracing.

Step 3:
At your sewing machine, choose a Zig Zag stitch with a 3 length and 4 width, tension @ 6 and needle 11. This is for a thin cotton fabric; change accordingly.

Step 4:
Do a zig zag stitch all the way around.  Cut thread strings.

Step 5:
I used tacky glue, you could try hot glue but the fabric I used was very thin, and I was fearful of burning my fingers.

Step 6:
Place ground around edges and fold down access fabric.

Step 7:
Use small rubber bands to hold fabric in place overnight so glue can settle.

And that's it! Enjoy!! Have fun up-cycling.

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More Ovaltine Please....

We're an Ovaltine family.  It's a request from both the kids and husband on a daily basis.  Mainly in the afternoon, once my 1st grader is home from school.  I realized the other day, when throwing away the empty container, I'm throwing away a useful item...what could I do with it?

So, here's what I did:

Step 1:
Removed plastic label sleeve
Step 2:
Clean container completely, and let dry
Step 3:
Get out my Chalk Paint (in a paint can, not spray)
Step 4:
Painted 4 coats of an area for labeling the can

Voila!  This is also a great canister for boredom cards, candy for potty training and healthy snacks to keep at your work desk with an inspirational quote on the chalk space.

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Pinterest Girls Night In - February

Attended February's PINTEREST GIRLS NIGHT IN.  It brought a new friend to the group and fun projects. Oh, and we can't forget the food! 

Below are pictures and information for the projects we did. I succeed at taking more picture this time. :)

The requirement is to bring a craft and food item from Pinterest.


Now, seeing that I gave up Chocolate for 40 days, a few of these I wasn't able to taste, but I can tell you they 
looked and smelled great!!


My Girlfriend Casey created a fun Dry Erase Menu board for her family.  

My Girlfriend Jen created these "I love you because..." boards, which she hung on her little pumpkin's bedroom doors. 

Our newest member, Julie created a beautiful board for Keys to hang from (sorry girls, I only have the during picture).  

I created a Fun Burlap letter E to hang on our front door. 

It was another fun night, can't wait for March...and I need to decide which project I'm making next...so many to choose from.  This world is full of so many creative women. ;)

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