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{ Custom Ordering }

Placing a Custom Order   

**We're sorry but at this time we are observing a Hiatus, so only custom orders are being processed**
We'd still love to hear from you, email your inquiry here

Create a { Product } and { Fabric } wish list for the form below.

 Order of Events:
  1. Place your custom order by filling out the form below and submitting. I’ll receive your order via email, and begin processing details about the item(s) you wish to purchase. 
  2. Next you’ll receive an email with questions and/or comments so we can begin collaborating on the products and work towards finalizing the details. 
  3. Once all is approved, and the payment has cleared, your pieces will start to take shape and the order will finish in 2-3 weeks. Further questions on the topic of Ordering can be answered on the { FAQ } page.
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