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I heart Buttons....bracelet

I attended over the weekend a 3rd annual Mardi Gras party with many of our neighborhood friends.  It's always a great time with lots of joking, catching up, amazing craw fish and let's say, some drinking.

I realized, with the blessed busyness lately, I wasn't able to go out and shop for Mardi Gras accessory items so, I had to improvise.  This holiday has as staple of three basic colors, Purple, Yellow and Green...what could I possible have, that would be quick to whip together...BUTTONS.

I headed to my office and began sifting through my many bags of buttons.  I then decided to sew them, by hand, to a piece of yellow ribbon; another always-have-on-hand, ribbon.

Below are images of the project.  Please use it to inspire you for just about any holiday or gathering. These could make great party favors for a little girls party too.

Supplies needed:
Ribbon, any width will do
Fray Check

I didn't take very many pictures of sewing on each button but here's the finished product.

Here's a backside view of the buttons sewn onto the ribbon.

I'm a big lover of Fray Check, I use it on a lot of things.  I used it to clean up where I cut my ribbon.

Finished product.

The possibilities are endless...I think I'll be making one for Independence Day, once it gets closer. 

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  1. Oh, I love buttons too! This might be a sewing project that even I could do!

  2. My little granddaughter would love one of these. And I do have buttons and ribbon!
    Cute idea.

  3. Super cute! Thanks for posting.

  4. CUTE!! I think I'll do this project with my 4 year old daughter this weekend. She would LOVE it! Thanks for linking up :)

  5. What a FAB idea!! I love all of the color possibilities by using buttons. This is darling! Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!


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