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Small Business and Great Customer Service {Part 1}

Hi Friends,

This series of Small business and Customer Service will be broken into two parts...here's part 1.

I recently mentioned on Facebook how I'd like to share my lessons on customer service...so today's post
 is brought to you by the 
letters S and B

For Social Butterfly
And Small Business

While customer service has changed dramatically with the use of the internet, there are still some cases where you get the pleasure of networking in person.  I approach each new person I meet, whether in a working environment (Craft Show) or casual, as a future relationship which could lead to referring my business 
or being a regular customer.  As well, I just love meeting new people hence, social butterfly.

Here's the Facebook post I mention in the video sharing how I made someones day, and they in return, made mine.

I posted this question on my Facebook page, and she replied with an answer and two compliments. 

Because of extra time, listening, and talking, I've possibly expanded my customer base.  So via the traditional way, I've built a relationship with a buying customer who then could happily share me/Handmade by Hilani, with her friends and co-workers.  

Thanks for reading along...until next time.

In Part 2, I'll be talking about an Author that you need to know well, another sweet customer story and final thoughts on customer service & your small business.

For Part 2, click here

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