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Style U by Casey {Giveaway} - Fitness Headband

Hey everyone...something fun for you to Win!

Many of my friends (both online and in person) will tell you, I'm a big cheerleader for whatever they do.  I love to support people in their adventures whether training for a race, starting their own business, or picking up a hobby.   This friend I’m about to share with you has recently started her own business, and it's soared fast with repeat business and referrals. 

She assists those needing a little extra style by helping them re-shop their closet and pairing new pieces with clothes you wouldn’t normally…stepping outside of your day to day comfort zone.  She doesn’t wish to change your style, she just helps you enhance it with accessories or a little pop of color.  She's become my personal stylist and I make her proud. He, He...

While working with her one day I told her she needed some sort of accessory to offer the customers when helping them {closet shop}…I thought of Scarves.  She had a sewing machine but didn’t know how to use it…she was in luck, I tell you, because I was about to take her on as my new student.

Below are a few images of her “work” and the items I wish to Giveaway to 1 lucky winner.

Here are the two {Fitness Headbands} she's created to share with one lucky winner.  Enter via the Rafflecopter app below....GOOD LUCK!

These headbands are lined with Velvet to create a nonslip grip.  They fit both little girls and big girls.

I own three (I'm wearing one right now) and if you've learned one thing about me, I LOVE the color GREEN so when she gave me this green with chocolate polka dots, I frowned like a little girl and said, "Wait, I want this one."  She assured me I can have my very own, in this style. :)  Happy Dance. 

{The Courtney Headband}

{ The Michelle Headband}

Thanks for stopping by and again, good luck!

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  1. I don't know who would wear them more, myself or my daughters. There may be a little riff in the AM over them.

    1. LOL! How funny, if I had daughters I might have the same problem! :) Thanks for stopping by; have a great day.

    2. Julie C - I can customize any headbands for the girlies!! I have tons of ribbon. It really has become a problem! LOL!!! I hope you win, but if not, contact me and we will get you hooked up!!

  2. Good luck to all the entrants!! Can't wait to see who wins!! Even if you don't, I would love to make you all some headbands! I have oodles of ribbon!!

  3. Replies
    1. It is pretty fab-u-lous! I love these headbands! I'm about to have one for each day of the week. :)

  4. Replies
    1. Me too! :) Thanks for stopping by and good luck!


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