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Organize Much?

I'm a big fan of organization, I think it keeps the mind clear for more creative uses.  I clipped a $1.00 off coupon for the 3M Command stick'em hooks and decided to give it a try. 
I was immediately hooked!

Below are images of how I use my hooks.  I'm constantly thinking of ways to add more around the house.

A hall closet has two on the inside of the door. 
Holding a bag full of diaper items (here on the main level) and 
my sons Home Depot apron (1st Saturday of every month, crafts for FREE).  
He can now get his apron on his own, one less thing for me to do.

Three hooks in our front closet hold my purse, my sons backpack and a wall hook for a diaper bag.

In the kitchen, sink cabinet, one for my dish towel.

If you see the coupons, clip them and give them a try!

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  1. We have those hooks hanging in the bathroom. They are very durable.

  2. That is a very good idea. I think I need to get some :). P.S. I found you on the hop list and of course I followed. Feel free to stop by anytime.

  3. Why is it that everyone's 3M hooks always stick but mine always FALL? I decided to organize all of my necklaces, so I purchased the 3M large hooks and hung on wall in a uniform and "cute" way. All was good, until one night while we were sound asleep we heard a large .. CRASH.. GUESS what it was? Yep.. my necklaces were all tangled on the floor. I am determined to keep trying though. Might be user error. :) Thanks for the cute blog, I am a new follower.

  4. Oh Allison, I had that happen to the Wreath on my front door; what a bummer. Hopefully it didn't take too long to untangle. I noticed, after the wreath incident, that applying lots of pressure, for a longer period of time, it helps the life of the hook. The closet hook for the Diaper Bag holds a considerable amount of weight. Good Luck. ;) Not everything works right the first go around. :0)


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