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{2011}, a year full of great things...{2012}, a year where great things can happen

So, Christmas is over...and the decorations are still up.

I'm giving myself until 1/2/2012 then all my decorations will start making their way into boxes until next year.  This seems to always result in a minor panic attach because my home seems so bare afterwards.  I feel so blessed because I have so many wonderful  Christmas Decorations and, I also have a Christmas Ribbon addiction.  It was a great holiday for me and my family. We couldn't all be together but shared our love through Facetime.

With Christmas gone, and the New Year right around the corner, I've started to compile my 2012 Goals, both personal and business.

Top 3 Personal
1.  Stop having expectations (this one is gonna be tough).
2.  Use fewer Paper Towels (I'm lazy about how many I use when a rag could be used instead).
3.  Workout 4 days a week, no matter how short or long.

Top 3 Business
1.  Invent 2 New useful products.
2.  Add 1 more Wholesale Retailer to the list of stores selling Handmade by Hilani
3.  Giveaway two Coupon Organizers to families that could really use one.

Up My Sleeve...Coming Soon

1.  Kids, Valentine's Day Card DIY - glitter, construction paper, home printer and scissors. 
I've been doing this one with my 6 1/2 year old since he was 3.
2.  A great Football Party Dip - Cream Cheese, Brown Sugar, Caramel, and Crushed toffee bars.  Green Apple slices dip into this sweet goodness!
3.  Coupon Organizer Giveaway - I'll be pairing up with another blogger (details to come) and giving away one of my handy, dandy Coupon Organizers. Here's a story from a recent winner: Carmella, from Creative Carmella


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