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Pinterest {Girls Night In} - January

Pinterest has, in the past month, grabbed so many new followers/subscribers 
that I wasn't too surprised when I found out some close girlfriends 
were enjoying this healthy addiction, daily like me.

After a month of countless hours spent searching and finding super awesome stuff all over the internet, now available in one place, my girlfriend Casey and I decided we needed to find the time, once a month, to come together for a Girls Night In.  The main focus for our monthly get together's would be to pair a Pinterest Project with Wine and a Pinterest Recipe.  The idea sounded heavenly so about 2 weeks later, last night, we had our first Girls Night In. 

The Evening went a little something like this:

"OMG, How are you? I haven't seen you in what seems like forever, except for on Facebook." a sound of group laughter filled the air, because everyone can relate. "Me too, seems like the days rush by so much faster than I remember, why is that?" 

followed by Adult/Mommy ADD...

"Ohhhhh, what did you bring?  Hey, I saw that, did I pin it?"

I brought this, super easy to do.

In surround sound, after sampling, "Yum!"

Then, another friend brought this:

With one more:

All the food was de-lish, I'm so glad I didn't eat dinner.  Sadly, it wasn't a balance meal, however, it was for a girls night in, sealed with a nice glass of red Pinot.

As for the projects, there was a sewing machine, which in fact was not mine, 
a glue gun, corks, jewelry and paint...

I decided to redo an old frame with cork inside, (I think Pinterest justifies hoarding...haven't decided just yet), and have it hang on our Garage door so I can put notes or just 
about anything else on it.  

I'm sad to report, I don't have a before, but here's the Finished Product.
("Take more pictures next time", I wrote myself a note. )


Here are links to the Projects my girlfriends attempted:
Wine Cork Letter
DIY Braided Bead Bracelet  (try and say that five times)
Ringlet T-Shirt Scarf (up-cycle of old shirt)
Recycle of Old Curtains into new Couch Pillows

It was a super fun night, and I highly recommend those thinking to start their own Pinterest Girls Night In, go for it.  It's a great way to remember busy schedules can stop to spend time being creative with those you enjoy.

For those looking to learn more about Pinterest, 
The Happy Housewife has a great Article about it.

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  1. Looks like a fun night!! BTW those strawberry chocolate nachos look amazing! Such a unique recipe.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! The nachos were divine! ;)

  2. Oh my goodness a Girl's Night in Pinterest Party sounds like a lot of fun!

    1. Thanks, it was. And to see all the projects was the best part!

  3. Now I need a girls night, I don't think any of them actually know about Pinterest yet! Oh my that goods so fun.

  4. What a fantastic idea!!! :) Must implement...now to get the husbands on board to watch the small children. Those pretzel bites and nachos look sooo yummy!

  5. What a fun idea! I'm stopping by on Pinterest Monday. I linked my Mardi Gras pins. :)

  6. That is awesome! I may have to suggest this to some girlfriends! Love this idea!

    Thanks for linking up to Pinterest Monday! Hope to see you again next week!

  7. I LOVE this!! It's such a great idea. I HAVE to do this with my girlfriends.

    I would lvoe it if you linked this up to the Take it on Tuesday blog hop!!

  8. Thanks girls! the night was super great, and it will happen every month Yippy! I so encourage it!

  9. That sounds like my kind of girl's night. What a great idea.

  10. Great idea--sometimes I challenge myself to make something I have pinned before I pin anything else!
    I'll have to check out your pinterest boards.


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