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Surprise Giveaway...Style U by Casey

"It is more blessed to give than to receive"
Acts 20:35

So, I wish to announce...

and I can't think of a better 
way to spend it.

As I reflect on the last year, I continue to learn more about myself and I'm surely loving the journey.  It's funny how so many of us, myself included, thought we knew it all in our 20's, but now being in our 30's, we're really 
learning about life.  
One lesson I continue to get confirmation on is, friendships.  When we were little, middle school age, we attached ourselves to one person, in which we labeled our best friend; she was (y)our everything.  Days, months and years were spent with this person through times of struggle, laughter, and personal lessons.  As I grow older, and wiser, I continue to learn that in adulthood a single best friend isn't the case.  As I look at all my girlfriends, close and dear to me (near and far), I call them all my best friends; the ones that know me and/or understand me.  Each fabulous lady in my personal story, has a special quality that was once found in that one person, that middle school friend.  I have girlfriends that I laugh with regularly, talk with deeply, reflect on motherhood with and are together socially.  I'm happy to have learned that in our adult years, one shouldn't put all their eggs (friendships) in one basket (one person). Because if we do that, we limit ourselves from knowing so many wonderful people, that offer extra richness to our lives, and you to theirs.  Some people don't like to get older, but I've come to learn it's a wonderful thing.  So, I feel blessed for this birthday and those down the road.

Along side friendships, I feel overly blessed by all the wonderful fans/customers I have, so its to you, I give away 2 of my favorite accessories.

2.  A purse scarf from Style U by Casey
We met last year because her sweet, twin daughters, and my son, started Elementary school together.  Since then, she's transformed her limited free time into running a styling business (she's my personally stylist, when I'm not wearing workout clothes), selling Stella & Dot, and sewing accessory scarves.  Her signature pieces were made to help those needing a little extra something to their outfit, like a little P.O.C (pop of color).  She's fun, loves to run, and makes me laugh...she's also my
fellow Pauly D groupy! 
 She's an amazing women, who I'm so happy to 
call one of my best friends. 

Because of her styling inspiration, she's allowed me to still wear my favorite cotton t's, and jeans,
but now with a pop of color.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by Mel and the post. :) have a great day yourself

  2. Happy Birthday. May this day be blessed and you have many more to enjoy. Katy Lamb

  3. Happy Birthday, Hilani. I hope your day is fabulous - you deserve it!

  4. Thanks Fine ladies for stopping by and wishing me a happy birthday!


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