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{Craft Show} - Selling your products

Hey All!

I realized while helping a girlfriend (Casey Biggers, my personal stylist and sewing apprentice) set-up for her first craft fair that I should share with everyone my found knowledge with the hopes of inspiring you to take the leap of presenting your products, in a Craft Show environment.   

Now, I'm not a seasoned craft show seller by any means so what I'm about to share is my views and opinions thus far in my Craft Show career.  I've had the pleasure of meeting and talking with those who've been selling for many, many years.  With their tips, and my own, I feel sure that the information I'm about to share could get you off on the right foot to 
{Craft Show Success}

There's a few parts to this so I'll break it into sections.  

{Section 1}
Your Products and Display

I have over 30 different Hand Sewn pieces I create and sell.  At my first show, I displayed everything atop white table linens across (2) 6 foot tables.  Now while that was a good start, I felt this year adding a more versatile display would enhance the buyers shopping experience.  
In comes the handy husband, a contractor with 13 years experience and who loves a challenge. 

"Honey, I need a wall built for my display to hold everything, like you'd find in a store" ~ Me

"Umm....OK" ~ Mr. Handmade

After much round & round of peg board, back drops, and chicken wired frames ideas He (giving credit here) came to a decision 2 weeks later.

"I've got it...we'll buy hollow core doors, hinge them, and create a zig, zag wall" ~ Mr. Handmade

"Love it, make it happen pumpkin, then I'll white wash paint it" ~ Me

To hang display the items on this wall, he purchased Dowel rodes and cut them down to 6" rods. Then, attached them to the wall, in such a way, so they could be removed during transporting.

Price Tagging Bulk Items: I price tag every handmade piece but now I have several popular items that sell a lot at once. I wanted a fixed price tag displayed at each dowel, for that product. I bought wooden gift tags, and chalk painted them. 

{Section 2}
Setting Up your Booth

It's important to put yourself in the shoes of the shopper.  Consider how "you" might like to shop when buying from someone.  Do you like an open floor plan or a closed one? Meaning, walk-in or a table right at the front.  

I'm an open floor plan kind of seller.  I like to invite people in and stand towards the entrance to greet and chat with those walking by or coming in.  It's my style, you might find you have your own.  

A Banner, across the back is optional.  I scored good on this one from Vistaprint. They always have great coupon deals via Retailmenot.com They are my main website for all my printing needs. 

My Helper, Mr. Handmade, putting the dowels and baskets on my finished wall.  

Remember my Front Porch Sign?  I borrowed it for the day, to display a [Call to Action] for potential customers passing by.

The Finished Booth

Above are a few things I wish to point out.  

And to add a bit of my personality, I added a fun burlap banner, with Fabric Letters spelling "Handmade", in fun polka dotted prints.  I gave a tutorial for it here, in a Fall theme, which sits in my family room.

{Section 3}
Day of Show

It's super, duper important to have a protein packed Breakfast (did you know protein fills you up longer, not fiber?)  I ate at 7:30a and didn't eat again until 12:30.  I enjoyed water a bunch, but food, it was much later in the day.  The preparation and then flow of crowds, keeps you busy. 

I also prepared my food for that day ahead of time.  Everything should be bit size; my PB & J sure was. You only have a moment to sit down, and while I had help (Mr. Handmade), they can't sell your passion for your products like you can so you stop munching and start sharing/talking.  

That brings me to having help; have it, not for the whole day but for at least the middle of it.  It's your savior for potty breaks (yes, I said potty - he, he) and for those quick bits.  

And, don't forget mints...no body wants to be close to un-pleasant breath.  Just sayin'

And lastly, your products and your supplies.  I used two suitcases, easy to roll around, and a trunk.  

I've created a craft show check list, you can view it here.

For tips on Being a Small Business, and Customer Service, visit my YouTube video here

I hope this post inspires you and helps you to be successful at selling you passion/products at a Craft show.  

Comment and let me know what you think; Would love to hear from you! xo


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  1. You are amazing. How in the heck do you do it all? Seriously! You are sharing all your secrets- you sweet pea!! I love your set up and that Handmade Burlap pennant!

    1. Girl, you make me smile you so sweet! :) thanks for stopping by and commenting. Means a lot!

  2. What a wonderful post....wow wow wow....I don't do craft shows but did them years ago ~ I wish I had these tips then.

    1. Thanks! It's a lot of work to do a show and if I had help, it would make it easier so I had to share for the sake of helping others. :D

  3. I have not done a craft show in ages. These are great tips and the booth looks amazing!

    1. Thanks Holly, it's fun to do! Have a great night!

  4. Too perfect, Hil! Once I get this house all finished up, I need to work on my online shop, then maybe do a craft fair...thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Oh my! I'm doing my very first craft show in November. I did not even think about lunch and potty brakes! ;) Thanks for all your tips, they surely did help!

    1. Alicia, yes, food, get small portions for the day! Good luck.

  6. what a beautiful set up and great advice! Thank you SO much for sharing and inspiring me.... mayyyybeeee someday!!!

    1. I say Today.. Ha! :) Thanks Jaime for stopping by and commenting, you know it means a lot. xo

  7. Thank you so much for your insider tips! I am actually going to be selling at my very first craft show in November and have been researching what to do and just as importantly what not to do! I appreciate your insight and will use your expertise as a guide for my big day. I love your items and wish you much success!!

    1. Thanks for your reply! Good Luck to you and the up coming show! Have a great week.

  8. Wow! What an awesome post!! I sooo wish I could live near you! I love craft shows and love 'working the crowd'. I would be your little elf helper lol :P

    GREAT post!

    1. Ha, like earlier You'd sell the Coupon Organizer like a Boss...come out and help me anytime. :D

  9. Great post-- wonderful ideas and your booth looked amazing!!! Malia

    1. Thanks a bunch for stopping by and commenting. :) Have an awesome night.

  10. Do you know how he got the dowels to attach to a hollow core door? I would love to be able to try this idea out! Thanks.

    1. Lori, my sincere apologies for the delay in my reply. My husband/handyman inserted screws to the back of the cut dowels. He left a gap so that he could then insert the screw in a small hold and slot, if you will, to insert, then slide down. The slot and hole were small enough that when you added them to the wall, they dowel covered the hole. Hope that helps and good luck!

  11. Thank you for such a well written article that was full of useful and creative tips! I especially like that there were no pop up ads and "join here" pop-ups! Some blogs are so full of them you can't read the articles in peace! I am repinning this for future reference!! KUDOS!


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